Consumer Leads


What's New We just received our new quarterly update on both the business and the consumer databases. This is the most current updates available.

Some of the Telemarketing Leads that are Available


These telemarketing leads are gambling minded people responded to an email for a free 100.00 for joining an on line casino. These are great for telemarketing and direct mail offers, vacation programs, and loans.

gamblers For more info on Gamblers

Auto Make and Model

Registration information about the vehicle and the owner. These individuals will responsive to offers like car insurance and warranty. These are great for mail order and direct mail also.

Registrations For more info on Registrations

Active Investors

Investor leads are an assortment of investors that have invested in some kind of investment. Some have filled out a request on the internet requesting information about investing in a program. These will work well for a variety of direct mail offers.

active investors For more info on Active Investors

Catalog Buyers

The most up to date active catalog buyers purchasing several different items from a variety of catalogs. These will work great for any type of products or service sent through direct mail and any other telephonic response offers.

catalog buyers For more info on Catalog Buyers

Golf Enthusiasts

Golfers who are always looking for new ways to improve their golf game. They have subscribed to a golf magazine. These are great for new golf products, golf vacations and golf information how to improve their game.

golf enthusiasts For more info on Golf Enthusiasts

Pharmaceutical Buyers

People who have brought pharmaceutical items on the internet. This list has the drug used and amount used. These are great for other items that will help this person with their alignment also diet products, and health programs.

pharmaceutical buyers For more info on Pharmaceutical Buyers

Credit Seekers

Consumers that filled out a direct mail piece or on the internet asking for a credit card. These are natural matches for pay as you go credit cards, government grant programs, and personal loans.

credit seekers For more info on Credit Seekers

Many More are Available


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