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What's New We just received our new quarterly update on both the business and the consumer databases. This is the most current updates available.

Some of the Response Leads that are Available


These Response Leads are travel minded people responded to a display ad in a nationwide publication. Each individual requested information on a discount travel package. These Response Leads are great for general merchandise, timeshare, telemarketing and direct mail offers, vacation programs, and fundraising.

travel For more info on Travel

Lose Weight

Mostly women that each has responded to a display ad for a product to lose weight by simply taking a pill. An offer that is hard to refuse. These are great for mail order catalogs and direct mail.

lose weight For more info on Lose Weight

Magazine Leads

These active magazine buyers were called and asked to buy an assortment of magazines and to receive a free gift with the purchase. Each person has spent between $29.00 to $39.00 a month for 5 to 9 magazine subscriptions. These works well for telemarketing offers, mail order catalogs, magazines, travel offers, and a variety of direct mail offers.

magazine leads For more info on Magazine Leads

Religious Buyers

This list offers the most up to date active buyers of religious items, as well as religious publication subscribers. These are great for Domination Solicitation, Religious Mail Order items, Lotteries, Sweepstakes, and other telephonic response offers.

religious buyers For more info on Religious Buyers

Home Business Seekers

Entrepreneurs that make 100k to 450k a year and are always looking for new ways to make money from their homes. Each lead has responded to a display ad in local areas. These are great for network marketing, credit card, long distance and vacation programs.

home business seekers For more info on Home Business Seekers

Woman Shoppers

Female buyers that consist of proven impulse buyers who have purchased a wide variety of cosmetic and beauty products via direct mail, space ads, and TV infomercial offers. These are great for mail order catalogs featuring beauty products, women's clothing and weight loss products.

woman shoppers For more info on Woman Shoppers

Many More are Available


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