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What's New We just received our new quarterly update on both the business and the consumer databases. This is the most current updates available.

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Select Data Services understands that a targeted list is crucial to the success of direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. Our principals have operated and owned call centers. They know first-hand that the right list can produce huge profits, the wrong list - dismal failure.

Select Data Services makes it easy to find new clients to buy your products and services with our direct mail/telemarketing lists. Lists provided by Select Data Services give you access to hundreds of millions of consumer and business names, addresses, phone numbers and demographic data.

Who Can We Help?

  1. Mailing Lists Telemarketers
  2. Mailing Lists Catalog Marketers
  3. Mailing Lists Banks
  4. Mailing Lists Mortgage Companies & Brokers
  5. Mailing Lists Stock Brokers
  6. Mailing Lists Financial Consultants
  7. Mailing Lists Automobile Dealers
  8. Mailing Lists Direct Mailers
  9. Mailing Lists Security Alarm Companies
  10. Mailing Lists Dish Communications
  11. Mailing Lists Insurance Companies & Agents

Response Leads

These sales leads have responded to an offer, they are the best. These are hot lines always fresh. We offer a variety of Sales Leads including Travel, Credit Seekers, Magazine Buyers, Info commercials and much more.

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Mailing Lists

We have a variety of different Specialty Mailing Lists available like Doctors, Cable Subscribers, New Homeowners, New Phone Connects, Apartment Dwellers, Boat Owners and much more. We have the exact Mailing List you need.

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Business Leads

The Business Leads consist of a database with over 14 Million businesses with 50 different selects available to get you the exact criteria you need. We also have the New Businesses file updated weekly. Some selects available are, Size of Business, Net Worth, Annual Sales and much more.

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Consumer Leads

The Consumer Leads consist of a database with over 220 Million consumers with 100 different selects available to get you the exact criteria you need. We also have the New Homeowner file updated weekly. Some selects available are, Home Value, Mortgage Lender, Income, and much more.

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Telemarketing Leads

These Telemarketing Leads have been DNC'd for telemarketing; we offer a variety of different types including Gamblers, Donors, Catalog Buyers, Gardening, Security Alarms, Golf Enthusiasts, and much more.

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Data Services

Best Data Services available. With our state of the art hardware and software we have the ability to produce the most accurate results available. Some of the services offered are zip +4, customer profiling, appending and much more.

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Where Results Matter!


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Why Us? Select Data Services is a small boutique operation that prides itself on quality service and in-depth hands-on direct marketing experience. Its company principals owned and operated telemarketing centers prior to entering the information side of the industry.