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What's New We just received our new quarterly update on both the business and the consumer databases. This is the most current updates available.

Some of the Data Services Available

Customer Profiling

We can help you create a customer profile that tells you who is the most likely to buy your product or service.

customer profiling For more info Customer Profiling

Appending Services

We can help append information to your list. Missing the phone or address we can append that to your database.

appending services For more info on Appending Services

Data Entry Service

We can help you convert your data from card format into a number of database formats and media.

data entry service For more info on Data Entry Service

ZIP + 4 Coding

We can help improve the deliverability of your direct mailings with our ZIP+4 coding, and reduce bulk mailing costs.

zip + 4 coding For more info on ZIP+4 Coding

Address Standardization

Our address standardization services are done in-house. This helps reduce costs, increases responsiveness, for a bottom line maximum return for your dollar.

address standardization For more info on Address Standardization

NCOA Updating

We compare your contact list against the National Change of Address to reduce the number of undeliverable items in your mailings.

NCOA updating For more info on NCOA Updating


We can add criteria to your excising database giving you more details about your clients.

overlay's For more info on Overlay's

Email Appending

Let us append e-mail addresses to your existing customer or prospect database. Volume discounts available.

email appending For more info on E-Mail Appending

Merge/Purge & De-Duping

Names & Addresses are tested for misspellings, transpositions, abbreviations, and variations to improve the matching process. These parameters can be adjusted easily to fit the client's needs.

merge purge For more info on Merge/Purge

Many More are Available


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Why Us? Select Data Services is a small boutique operation that prides itself on quality service and in-depth hands-on direct marketing experience. Its company principals owned and operated telemarketing centers prior to entering the information side of the industry.