Consumer Leads


What's New We just received our new quarterly update on both the business and the consumer databases. This is the most current updates available.

Some of the Consumer Leads Selects Available

Name, Address, City, State Zip Code, Phone

These Consumer Leads come with all the updated information for telemarketing and mail order. This database is updated on a quarterly basis giving you the most accurate data available.

name For more info on Name, Address, etc

Date of Birth

You can select the exact age that you want to target. This is the actual birthday so you can personalize the offer.

date of birth For more info on Date of Birth


You can select the income of the customer giving the ability to market to people that can afford your offer or need your offer due to income.

income For more info on Income

Credit Card Present

Looking for customers that pay by Credit Card, then this select is very important to you.

credit card present For more info on Credit Card Present

Marital Status

Need customers that are married to qualify for your offer, like timeshare offers. Then you can select married insuring that they are pre-qualified.

marital status For more info on Marital Status

Length of Residence

Need customers that are stable in their life for loans or other offers that require the client to be at a residence for a length of time to qualify. This select will give you that criteria.

length of residence For more info on Length of Residence

Mortgage Information

This select has many options available in it, like mortgage rate, mortgage amount, type of loan and much more. This is a great select for re-finance offers.

mortgage information For more info on Mortgage Information


You can select if they own a home, the value of that home and age of the home. Very important select for certain offers, like timeshare, home loans and remodeling.

homeowner For more info on Homeowner

Many More are Available


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